OCP2131/OCP2132 is a dual bias power supply IC for the Full HD screen and 2K HD screen.Product is using single inductor configurationso that the customer application can reduce the board area, simplify the solution and improve the efficiency.This product uses a single lithium battery power supply.Working voltage is stable within input voltage range of 2.5V ~ 5.5V.Productis continuing to provide stable output current up to 160mA.


1. WLCSP2113-15  15Solder ball chip size package

2. Internal EEPROM Type Register Technology

3. Single inductor multiple output voltage regulation technology

4. Programmable output voltage

5. Positive voltage output range46Vstep 0.1V);

6. Negative voltage output range-4-6Vstep 0.1V);

7. Output voltage accuracyof 1%

8. Input voltage range2.55.5V

9. Thermal protection function

10.   Soft start function built-in

System Application

l  Thin film transistor TFT liquid crystal display device for smart phone LCD

l  Flat - thin film transistor liquid crystal display TFT LCD

l  Organic light emitting diode display OLED

l  General dual power supply applications